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Go Girl Timaru your locally owned and operated Women’s Fitness Studio.

Over a decade ago, local research into the feasibility into a women’s only studio showed that there was a need in South Canterbury for a studio for women. 

As a young teenage girl, If you have never been bought up around sport or exposed to exercise, it can be very difficult to overcome the barrier of just stepping inside a studio. This is when the support and friendship of a women’s only studio really come into its own.

As a member, you can choose what format of fitness best suits you. The Warrior Goddess Program is our No1 weight loss program that has proven results time after time. Feel energised alongside other women with our outstanding Group Fitness classes. 

Make sure you take advantage of our other awesome fitness programs including Yoga, Antigravity and Pole Fit Classes.

Go Girl Timaru provides a safe and non-intimidating space for you to begin your journey to fitness, weight loss, looking, and feeling great. Another added benefit of a gym for women is that you will find like-minded women here on that very same journey. Judgment and Body-conscious thoughts are left at the door.

There is no getting away with not doing any exercise. Now more than ever, a lot of us perform sedentary work while also bringing up a family. Women’s Gyms like Go Girl Timaru are made up of women just like you and our instructors are just like you! So you will fit right in and be part of our community.

The team at Go Girl Physique Gym Timaru implements and maintains the Mission, Vision, and Values of our women’s Gym.

Vision – To engage, empower and support all women in our community to achieve a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Mission – By providing an exciting, fun, inviting, and non-intimidating environment for exercising with a variety of fitness classes and structured gym programs. We have a personal approach to health and fitness where women can be who they want to be.

Values– Wellbeing, positive attitude, safe environment, respect, integrity, accountability, diversity, inclusion, and energy.

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