Covid 19 and Go Girl TImaru under the Red traffic light system

Dear Valued Member, 

Firstly, we would like to thank you for being part of the Go Girl Physique community and for the understanding you have shown myself and my team members over this unprecedented upheaval in all our lives since the COVID-19 Pandemic has been in our country.  

 As you know the Government is about to introduce the COVID-19 traffic light system, and this means that our business needs to use CVCs (compulsory vaccination certificates) if we wish to open under the new ‘red’ or “orange’ traffic light. 

All of New Zealand is now in the Red status of the traffic light system. Our number one priority is to keep all our members and staff safe at all times. As per government guidelines, we must ensure that we abide by the current red light settings so our gym can remain open.

Bylaw that all staff, contractors, and customers over the age of 12 need to be double vaccinated once on the premises of Go Girl Physique.  

This has been a challenging time and the decision has not been taken lightly. We understand that vaccination is a choice, and it’s a tough time for everyone on this very divisive issue. We are doing all we can to keep open while trying to remain a safe space for everyone to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. 

Over the next few weeks, we will update you more fully on how the new CVCs work, and how and what we will record so that you can show these to us just once, and then use the club from that point forward. 

Go Girl Physique is categorized as part of the exercise industry. It has been mandated that if we choose to open, we legally HAVE to use the Traffic Light System or CVCs (compulsory vaccination certificates). We recognize you will have a lot of questions around these new protocols and we will do our very best to address these for you. 

As mentioned previously, we will update you once again when we have more clarity on how the new Traffic Light System will look like at Go Girl Physique. 

Please bear in mind that these new protocols have been mandated by the government. As a business we have no choice but to abide by the rules to keep our staff in their jobs while also continuing to offer our services to the Go Girl community. 


Q: If I choose not to get vaccinated what are my options?
A: Please talk to me, or one of my staff.

Q: Will all your staff be vaccinated?
A: Yes, all of our staff and contractors will be vaccinated.

Q: Do I have to show my vaccine certificate on every visit?
A: No, if you chose to, we can record that we have verified your certificate, and we simply record the
expiry date of your certificate in our records (we don’t store the actual certificate anywhere). This will
also mean you can use the club during non-staffed times.

Q: Why aren’t you allowing non-vaccinated to use your facility?
A: By law, if we open under orange or red, we can only allow vaccinated staff and customers to enter.