Month: August 2015

Hi, my name is Tam Johnson. Married Mum of 3 and part time receptionist. I’ve struggled with my weight since my
pre-teens . Exercise has never been a strong point of mine, but as the years are whizzing by it’s time to make a change.

Since having my daughter in 2008 my weight has slowly kept creeping up. In that time I have tried to manage my weight with various different diets, always looking for that quick fix, but the weight always comes back on. My biggest challenge is finding tea time meals that suit 3 fussy children, a hubby with a big appetite, and a mum looking to manage her weight long term.

Our family leads a busy life and often find myself snacking on the run. I am looking forward to working with the Go Girl team towards my goals, can’t wait for the challenge. Follow me on my 12 week journey towards a happier healthier me.

Soo sore after my first session, I have also been battling a cold this week, which has made all the aches seem a lot worse. What a big wake up call day 1 was – I never knew I was that weak. I thought surely after lugging kids around for all these years, I would have built up some muscle in my arms, but hey I guess not. I have been struggling a bit to master the technique for my ab exercise’s, my trainer Carolyn has been a great support to try and help me get better at these. I’m looking forward to what week 2 brings.


Definitely feeling it this week, bedtime has been around 8.30-9. Slowly starting to feel more confident with the weights. Have been focusing on getting the technique right and upping most of the weights, as well as more cardio. I have enjoyed mixing it up this week, and challenging myself to work harder. A couple of exercises this week, I have been quite sore following them, I have been focusing on doing small things at home to try and strengthen these muscles.

I think just about every part of my body has been sore this week, after my leg workout I
struggled to sleep on my side for two nights. I have been feeling a lot hungrier this week,
and have tried so hard to have a decent cooked tea every night so far. I am starting to feel
stronger and more confident in myself – I can wait to see the changes over the next 9
This week coming I am going to focus on increasing my water intake and have meals
planned and organised, it certainly makes things much easier and stops the thought of
It has been hard getting to the gym this week, with each of my kids have some sort of cold
throughout the week, thankfully I have my lovely granny around to help out.

This week has has certainly been challenging, it feels good though to push myself to do more and get better at the exercises. I had a go on the cross trainer this week – wow wee it sure did burn my legs!! I have missed 1 session this week, as gastro hit our whole house! The bug sure has taken its toll – my eating is slowly getting back to normal, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to have protein yet. The warmer weather has been a good motivator to get outside and do things after work. I’m looking forward to the coming weeks – I know Carolyn gets joy out of working me harder and seeing me sore.

​I feel as though my nutrition has slipped a bit this week as it has been a super busy week with family/home life. I have found some of the workouts this week really challenging, as lots of it is new and involves me being super co-ordinated – which I am not. On Wednesday after my cardio and chest workout I could barely drive home as every part of my body was sore. Going on the cross trainer was intense and I really struggled with regulating my breathing while on there. I am nervous for week 6 as I am away for part of the week and don’t want to fall behind exercise wise. I’m slowly noticing changes in my body, I can’t wait to be able to wear jeans comfortably again!

So I was away for the first part of the week, and missed two sessions but I have now made them up, even went on Saturday morning. I have found the exercises in the last two weeks, to be really mentally challenging. I hate the thought of letting people down, by not being able to complete them. I am not usually one to give up, but I was on the verge of it after I struggled to do the chest press on a bigger weight this week. Another thing I am struggling with, is not knowing my weight – Carolyn has been weighing me, but I am not allowed to know until the end! I am going to focus on keeping my nutrition good this week, and doing extra things at home like biking or gardening. 5 weeks to go, I am so looking forward to summer and being able to do things outdoors with my family.

This week has been a bit different with super sets, after getting over the heat and the wind, I have had quite a good week. Carolyn put me on the spin bike this week, eeek! After getting over a sore butt, I quite enjoyed it ?. I have been struggling this week my sore glute muscles, everyday they have been sore, even when lying in bed or sitting down. This week I have tried to do extra exercise at home biking with the kids, gardening and walking. It is scary how fast these weeks are flying by, I am feeling good and my clothes are slowly getting looser. Hopefully over the weekend my muscles recover, and I can get back on the bike next week.

Week 8
This week seemed to have gone so fast! Only 4 weeks to go – it just seems like yesterday it was week 1. I have been focusing this week on my cardio, and my nutrition. I have been doing lots of extra things at home to try and help improve strength and cardio. I’m am really enjoying the spin bike and can definitely feel my legs burning! It has been a great week overall aside from a sore butt and the only thing I haven’t really enjoyed is the step-ups!

A few people have asked me as the end of my 12 weeks is in sight, “what are you going to do when your finished” – I answered the same. For me this is a lifestyle change, not a diet, not to get skinny but not get fit and healthy. I want to be able to do walks and things with my family without my weight holding me down. I plan to keep my nutrition the same and thinking about body blitz 2 at the moment. Obviously you have to live your life and you can’t always have your nutrition 100%, but again these things are treats and should not be in your daily eating routine.

So this week at the gym has been really hard as I’ve been super tired and a bit flat all week. Day 1 was totally out of my comfort zone as I’ve always told myself your too fat, you can’t do it, but if you set your mind to it you can do anything! My butt is slowly getting used to the seat on the spin bike, but Carolyn says it’s not for sitting on anyway. The rest of the week has been really good each set has a few more reps, which always tires me out – but you’ve just got to push through and think of the end result. 3 weeks to go and it has gone scarily fast!! I’ve planned a shopping trip with my sister when I’m finished and can not wait to buy some nice summery dresses!

​WEEK 10
Yay I completed all my burpees this week! I was fairly proud of myself for completing these as it is not something I enjoy. I am setting more goals for myself to achieve as I become fitter – Tuesday was running, 5km on the road and at half way I didn’t feel too flash, but pushed through as I knew I still had to get home before dark. Challenge yourself to do
more/better than the day before. It has been a busy short week, and my cardio is slowly getting better with most of the week on the bike. I haven’t had a rest day this week and am defiantly feeling it tonight as I tick another thing off my list my first 5km mud run, so am definitely looking forward to my day off!

What a super busy week this week has been! I am super sore this week, The reps have up’ed to 30 and 20 and I am definitely feeling it. Day 3/4 and I can barely walk I am so sore, probably the sorest I’ve been! A good nights sleep is what I am looking forward to the most, I am still keeping up with my magnesium and protein these will help repair and build muscle. I’ve been for a run twice this week at home and even managed a slow jog on the treadmill, totally out of my comfort zone – I am actually scared of falling off the treadmill! I’m starting to get excited for my photoshoot next week, but nervous at the same time! 1 week to go!! ?

Week 12

This week has been super busy getting organised for my photo shoot, but I’ve still managed to keep my exercise and nutrition on track. This week has been a great week exercise wise – the end is in sight! J “No matter how hard it seems at the time, you’ve got to keep on climbing that mountain, but once you get to the top it’s so worth it” – a quote I heard this week from a truly inspirational person. For me now comes the hard part, not having Carolyn by my side to push me and telling me I can do it – but she assures me she will still be around to kick my butt.

I am ever so grateful to Lizelle and Carolyn for this amazing opportunity they have given me, words cannot express how grateful I am. Carolyn thank-you ever so much for putting up with me, I have had my highs and lows but you kept me going every single moment, you are such an inspiration not only to me but many others too. I have overcome and faced so many fears that I never would have dreamt of doing before.

If you are thinking of doing the Body Blitz, it is so worth – look at how far I have come in 12 weeks. Everyday challenge yourself to be better or do better than the last time, and you will be reaching your goals in no time.

Also thank-you to the girls I have met along the way, your chatter and laughs have helped me get through.

I am a little sad it is over and how fast it has gone, but as I write this I am planning my next steps – I look forward to the future and all the things I can do now. My family are certainly loving the happier, healthier me!