Month: August 2021

Online Classes Go Girl Timaru

As we all grapple with the Covid-19 level 4 restrictions for a second time, Go Girl Timaru has pivoted in this current lockdown climate by keeping the connection going with our members by embracing technology and shifting our classes online!

Our online exercise classes are on skype and include – Bodyweight Strength Class Cardio  & Stretch class which members are encouraged to participate in. If you need direction on how to set up skype on your device please head to https://support.skype.com/en/faq/fa11098/how-do-i-get-started-with-skype.

 How to keep healthy over lockdown.

When you are at home in your bubble due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s still important for your well-being to keep physically active. Even more so when you are on a mission to lose weight and eat well. This doesn’t have to change now that you are at home in your bubble.  While you might not be able to do your normal exercise with us here at Go Girl Timaru, there are still lots of ways to keep moving.

  • Keep active and include the whole family by having a family dance-off. Each day a different person can pick the music.
  • Bounce on the trampoline if you have one or organise a game of football or rugby for your family.
  • You can go out for a walk on your local streets as long as you stay 2 metres away from anyone else, so bring the kids – they can ride their bikes or scooters while you run or walk.

Make use of what you’ve got

Make use of what you have at home: tins of food can be weights, you can do exercises that use your own body weight, such as push-ups and sit-ups, or use the wall or chairs to help. Substituting Dumbbells for Tins of Chelsea Golden Syrup can make the whole weight loss journey that much more interesting ( just don’t eat the golden syrup!)


Join our online exercise class

If you have always looked forward to our exercise classes here at Go Girl Timaru, that doesn’t have to stop. As mentioned previously we do have our classes on Skype 

Finding the good!

Look at the weather we have been having! It has been amazing and a great time to get out in the garden or take the dog on its 3rd walk today? Spending time outside releases all sorts of good endorphins. Isn’t there worst places to be than beautiful Timaru?

The supermarkets are still open, so be sure to keep scanning in, wear a mask and keep 2 metres apart. Thinking of supermarkets, perhaps add some new dishes to your weekly dinner options? Check out our incredible recipes that will see you stay on track for weight loss.