Month: December 2021

Women's only gym Go Girl Timaru

Benefits of a women’s only gym.

Go Girl Physique previously known as Just Judes, has been a women’s only gym for over a decade, if we changed to a mixed gym, we would lose more than half of our wonderful members.

Yes, it’s true, statistically, a mixed gym would put through more numbers, however, the support and energy that has always been a major contributor to the success of our gym would be lost.

At a women’s only gym there is way less Gymtimidation! 

Gymtimidation refers to that plummet in your confidence at the gym, whether that means appearing unfit, how you look, or not knowing how to use the gym equipment. With a women’s gym, these obstacles are removed from the get-go. Other women in the gym totally understand how you feel, so no judgment from your class buddies also!

Over time we have discovered that at a women’s only gym it is a fantastic way to meet new friends, a great way to network, and is also a very supportive environment. Our ladies sign up for a way to get fit and lose weight. In return, they get all this plus new friends!

Check out this article on BuzzFeed from Heather Heusman 

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Heather said that she decided to share her experience because the first time she went to Blush it felt like ‘a breath of fresh air’. ‘I definitely feel safer in an all-women’s gym. I personally like to wear tight clothing because it is easier to work out in, and I don’t have to worry about men taking photos of me without my permission, or worry about men making me feel uncomfortable while I’m there. ‘There are also not so many people there that all the racks are being taken up. The place is very clean and has great energy and vibes to it!’

Whatever your why, here at Go Girl Physique, we take down the barriers and welcome you to work-out with us! Check out our range of services on our website www.gogirltimaru.co.nz or for a more targeted and motivational membership get on to the Warrior Goddess program, there is no other outcome than success!