Month: February 2022

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Weight loss 

Go Girl Physique is steeped in successful weight loss journeys. You only need to look on our motivational page – Transformations and the proven results are there for everyone to see. Perhaps you know someone there – or better yet – BE someone there! Would you like to feel that way again? check out our current membership deal!


Latest Industry trends

As with most things – Go Girl Physique is always evolving. From the new classes, we have introduced, to the changes, we have made on the premises. Currently, we are changing the reception area to make it more welcoming and user-friendly. We do all this to keep up with the latest trends in the fitness industry and to give our members the best experience possible.

Anti Gravity 

Of course, when we can, we like to bring back some workouts we haven’t used in a while. This month we have started Anti-gravity classes. This is a terrific workout as you don’t feel like you are working out at all! Above all else it is FUN and we all need a bit of that at the moment. To find out more about this very cool workout and weight loss activity – head over to the Anti-Gravity page. Or you can book here.


If pushing your body with running, weight training or a super circuit is not your thing, then Yoga is a fantastic alternative. Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, improve your breathing, and relax your mind. These classes are available on Tuesdays 9.30am & 5.30pm and you can book a class online here.


Gym Membership deals

We are currently offering an amazing introductory offer on our much-loved Warrior Goddess Program. For only $29.00 you can try out The Warrior Goddess program for 2 weeks. This membership deal has been running for the month of February and will no longer be available after Monday the 28th of February. To take advantage of this offer get in touch with us here. 



As we endeavor to keep both ourselves and our members safe, we still need to be stringent in regards to appropriate mask-wearing, physical distancing, and of course scanning in. With a bit of luck, we will get through these next few months unscathed. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and cooperation with adhering to the alert level red rules. 


The team at Go Girl Timaru!