Month: April 2022

Work from home - work out at Go Girl Timaru

A non-sedentary life style at Go Girl. Timaru’s finest women’s gyms.

As women, we need to prioritize exercise to balance hormones, improve mood, boost energy, and reduce overall stress in the body and mind. This is the only way to lift mental fatigue and overcome “foggy brain” is through physical exercise, which allows more oxygen to the brain.

As a society, we are spending most of our days sitting – in our cars, our office chairs, or on the sofa at home binge-watching Bridgerton. Soo much time are we sitting that there is a new risk to our health that didn’t occur centuries ago when we were busy tilling the earth, hunting prey, or as in a women’s role, fetching and carrying water too.

Our lifestyle has changed so much to sitting on our collective bottoms that Sitting has been branded the “new smoking” for its supposed public health risks, especially for people with sit-down office jobs.

Over the past 15 years or so sitting has been linked with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, and even depression.

Looking for a solution for this man/woman-made problem?

The answer is obvious! ( as I sit here at my laptop, dear reader ) EXCERCISE! Ughh…..

Joining Go Girl Timaru – A Gym for Women!  will get you the tools to overcome a sedentary lifestyle. We will ease you into it too! With Go Girl Timaru Group Classes, you can have fun while working out with the rest of the crew. 

Once you have found your feet with a few classes under your belt, perhaps now is the time to really get serious and join our highly successful “Warrior Goddess Programme”. 

Here you will once again work out with a great team of gals, but you will also be made accountable for achieving your weight loss goals using many of our inspirational tools such as the 3D Body Scanner or the MyZone Belt – Or even worse – Your instructor!!!!

Becoming less sedentary is not easy, as it takes time, money, and commitment. However, for longer healthier life, make exercise your friend. Before you know it, you would have lost a couple of kilos and fitted those jeans again as a by-product of exercising to stop being sedentary.