Month: May 2022

Pole Fitness classes at Go Girl Timaru

Or what are we really trying to answer “Is pole fit good for workouts and weight loss?”

Yes. Pole fit or pole fitness is a good work out and great for weight loss; in fact, it is a great exercise for losing weight without even realising you are losing weight. Losing weight in a pole fitness class is a fact because it’s a whole-body workout.

You don’t realise you are losing weight as you are distracted the whole time trying to get into or out of position – and of course, there is the laughing and fun that goes along with it!

Did you know that Pole dancing was originally practiced by men in India back in the 12th century! Fast forward a few centuries, the technique was introduced to America when exotic dancers from Egypt would perform as part of the traveling circus. The sexual aspect of it was introduced when dancers would try to entice viewers to come see their shows by dancing erotically. It actually wasn’t until the 1980s that pole dancing became synonymous with bars and strip clubs.

Today the practice has evolved into Pole Fit, as it is considered one of the best workouts and even becoming a sport in some countries.

At Go Girl Physique we love to embrace new ways for our ladies to keep fit and have fun and Pole Fit ticks those boxes. We have a dedicated floor space for Pole Fit, as well as qualified instructors to get you up and moving! 

Pole Fit is more like an acrobatic workout rather than a dance, you don’t need to be a good dancer to start, our classes are for you to learn, practice and become better each time you come back. This also applies to flexibility, you do not need to be super flexible, but the more you practice the more flexible you will become naturally  (your body is amazing in how it can do this)!  Remember to stretch before and after each class to ease muscle tension and prevent soreness.

Perhaps stretching is an area you would like to develop more? Then I highly recommend our yoga classes at Go Girl Physique. 

Pole Fit is a quirky workout that is only available here at Go Girl Physique in Timaru. Another workout worth considering is our ever-popular Antigravity classes – once again a remarkably fun way to get fit and lose weight without knowing it!

Never underestimate the power of distraction!