Month: June 2022

Karate Schools Near Me - JKA Karate

JKA Karate operates out of a sun filled studio within the premises of Go Girl Timaru.

This Dojo has been operating since 2014. Learning traditional Shokotan Karate from one of New Zealand’s most highly decorated Karate Champions is a rare opportunity and is available right here in Timaru. Lizelle is passionate about Karate, since opening her Dojo in Timaru  the members belonging to this Dojo has increased year upon year. Lizelle’s knowledge of Karate and experience in competing is reflected in the results she is achieving today.

A bit about your instructor:

Black Belt Qualification:  5th Dan

B-Kyu Instructor / C-Kyu Judge / C-Kyu Examiner

South African born, Sensei Lizelle began practising Karate at the age of 17 with the Japan Karate Association of South Africa. In September 1993 Sensei Lizelle achieved Shodan (1st Dan).​ Find out more here. 

Sensei Lizelle has been competing and achieving some of the highest accolades that Karate has to offer. Sensei Lizelle is passionate about passing her wealth of experience and dedication onto fellow Karate practitioners and also to the younger generation.

Karate Classes have always been popular in Timaru, this also applies to now more than ever!  Learning and practising Karate is not only  fantastic for your physical health but also for your mental health. 

This applies nicely for kids that attend Karate Classes. As part of the teachings, children learn self-discipline and socialisation skills and respect. It could be as simple as bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command, these measures of self control and respect often carry over into school, helping to improve behaviour and even with their school work, according to recent research.

To find out more about JKA Timaru, head across to the Karate page. All are welcome!