Month: January 2023

Summer Holiday Reset.

We now find ourselves in the peculiar position of trying to wind down for the summer break after the frenetic pre-Christmas excitement has passed.

For many families, this is a challenging time because they want to spend time with the children while also trying to break free from the instinctive response of checking emails or the status of the project they have been working on.

You are not alone if you find it difficult to unwind on vacations and other free time. Try these techniques to unwind and keep work in the back of your mind rather than the forefront of your trip.

How to take a break from work

Take action! 

Now, we know that this one might sound obvious, but keeping up a regular exercise schedule helps promote wellness and keep you fit and healthy so you can enjoy the activities you want to do outside of work while also boosting your mood and energy levels. 

Have you been checking in with the Go Girl Facebook Page? We have been posting some useful exercise routines that you can do at home with one of our wonderful instructors. Access these at your own home after you have been for that walk, run or swim.

Delete your email and any messaging services used for business

We are aware that it may be alluring to check your emails to see what is happening at work, but resist the urge! The simplest method to unplug is to Delete your email and any messaging services used for business. avoid thinking about work and stay offline.

Keep active. 

There are so many activities you can engage in to divert your attention from work, especially with the abundance of holiday and celebrations.

Check out the events at Caroline Bay! There is heaps of entertainment just for you and your family and it’s FREE!

Perhaps you’re returning home for the holidays; in that case, get in touch with any relatives or friends you wish to visit and make plans to see them.

Decide on balance.

We’re not encouraging you to completely forgo watching TV, but when you have some free time, consider going for a walk or calling a friend instead of sitting down for hours on end. The social connection will make you feel better physically and emotionally, and it will be quite beneficial.

Limit your time spent on screens. Not necessarily screen time related to work, but screen time in general. 

Scrolling and consuming content for hours on end does nothing for our bodies or minds. 

To keep your body and mind healthy and happy, take a break or give yourself a daily limit.

We love going the extra mile, but don’t forget you also need to put yourself and your wellbeing first, and the only way you can do that is by taking a proper break.

Making the most of your vacation time will guarantee that you return rested and prepared to crush your 2023 initiatives and goals.Do you wish to learn more about Go Girl Timaru? Check out our incredible selection of services and start putting your health first right away!