Month: March 2023

Using weights correctly counts, Go Girl Physique Tells YOU How

The right technique

I was just reminded how important it is to workout properly while implementing your program in order to get the best results.

At Go Girl Physique, the Warrior Goddess Program consistently provides the greatest guidance for our workouts.

This is one of the Warrior Goddess Program’s USPs (unique selling points). We take great satisfaction in being one of Timaru’s top women-only gyms, but we also pay close attention to the little things, and using the proper technique when lifting weights is one of them.

By seeing friends or other gym goers, you may pick up weight training techniques, but occasionally what you observe isn’t safe. Using the wrong weightlifting technique might result in sprains, strains, fractures and other painful injuries that may hamper your weight training efforts.

Training with weight enhances your overall fitness

Lifting weights can help you reach your goals of increasing muscle mass or getting a fitter, more toned body.

Weight training, commonly referred to as resistance or strength training, strengthens your bones and joints, creates lean, stronger muscles, and can help maintain a healthy metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories even while you’re at rest. – BONUS!

And not only young people can benefit from lifting weights. As we get older, lifting weights can help prevent the loss of muscular strength and mobility and improve our mental health. Also, it can help you burn more calories, maintain your health as you age, strengthen your bones and joints, and enhance your muscle tone.

Accessible Instructors

It’s a good idea to speak with one of our Warrior Goddess Instructors on how to get the most out of your weight training regimen. From your first visit on, they will assist you in putting the proper method into practise.

Most likely, you will begin with smaller weights until you have mastered the correct form. When you are ready, our team will advise you to gradually increase the weight or resistance in order to prevent harm. With our specially designed workout programmes, you will be engaging all of your muscle groups for maximum strength and fitness.

Keeping an eye on you!

Unlike other gyms, at Go Girl Physique we take care that you are doing the work out correctly. Yes we are here to give 100% for the session, however when we notice that your technique could be better, we will be showing you the right way. It will only take a couple of seconds, but more often than not, when our members are shown the right technique it will with be harder (which is a good thing) or you will find it will take some pressure off.

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