Month: December 2023

Keeping active over Christmas and New Year

RELAX. It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that counts; it’s what you eat between New Year and Christmas

Between Christmas and New Year’s, this time of year is for you!You have worked hard all year round, and to just take time out for yourself is perfectly justified. It’s all about balance.

However, there is nothing stopping you from being kind to your body as well. Your body has been working out and getting fitter this year. Your body is now used to being flexed and made stronger through all your hard work. Keep the momentum alive by doing some simple body maintenance over the Christmas break.

Do a simple 30-minute workout that doesn’t require any gym equipment before everyone gets out of bed! You can find a plethora of quick workout routines online to motivate you, such as:

The 30 minute lunch time home routine

Burn fat 30 minute routine

30 Minute Full Body workout

Fit in a nice long walk; bring the whole family along so they can enjoy the outdoors too.

Replace unhealthy snack with a healthier version (example: replacing chips with popcorn; protein balls replacing candy bars, eggs for breakfast over cereal, fruit for dessert replacing cakes and cookies) You can visit our weight loss recipes for more inspiration.

Drink plenty of water

Now that you can, aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is so beneficial for a healthy lifestyle that it is often overlooked. Wanting to keep active is a positive attitude that we like to think we help install here at Go Girl Physique through our wonderfully supportive group fitness classes like:

Hydraulic workout circuits

GGP Classes

Antigravity and Pole

Warrior Goddess Program

For women who are looking for a lifestyle change for the better in 2024, Go Girl Physique is the perfect place to start your journey. As we are a women’s only gym, our environment is less intimidating than in mixed gyms. Our programs are specifically geared towards the female physique, and our equipment is also tailor-made for women.

Our team will return from their well-earned break as of Monday, January 8th. We are excited to welcome back our existing members, and we look forward to new members joining us in 2024.


Enjoy the break!