Month: March 2024

With brain fog at an all-time high, the thought of driving to an event in Timaru may have
brought some of us in a hot sweat, even before leaving home. Not to mention getting there
on time, where do I park? Do I even have the right day!!

Then it dawned on me, none of this mattered, for we women were on our way to Pause Plus!
– the first menopause event in Timaru – aimed at women going through this stage of life.

After a warm welcome from Lizelle Pelser of The Pause Plus Program, the sold out
audience were introduced to a remarkable woman Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) MyMT™ Founder
Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher.

The MyMT™ Masterclass on Menopause was a revelation to many of us there and took the
mystery out of menopause. We gained an insight into what causes particular symptoms and how
to manage them. Lose Weight. Boost Energy. Sleep Better. Reduce Joint Pain. Reduce
Symptoms. Reduce Inflammation.

After the informative educational session, Lizelle from Pause Plus introduced her life change
program. This life change program has been created to support South Canterbury Women
through their transition from:

Peri-menopause – when menopausal symptoms start (hot flushes and irregular periods)
Menopause – the last menstrual period.
Post-menopause – 12 months following the last menstrual period.

Each woman experiences Menopause differently including time frames, severity and
symptoms.The Pause Plus Program offers Menopausal women the support and tools needed to
navigate the menopause successfully.

The tide has fortunately turned in recent years as menopause is no longer taboo, the
Menopause movement is here and here to stay. The more events that touch upon this stage
of life, the better.
For more information on the Pause Plus program visit : www.gogirltimaru.co.nz

Menopause Timaru - Pause Plus at Go Girl Timaru