A fitness journey for all women no matter your age!

Women of younger ages can benefit from our women-only gym by having a safe environment to exercise and build their confidence. 

Our programs are perfect for women that love to work out like a BOSS and have the desire to get Fit and sculpted – we’ve got the mood-lifting, fat-torching routines you need this time of year in the form of our Warrior Goddess Program – Go Hard Out and get the Treats!

Our Warrior Goddess Program is all about accountability and connection. Be inspired and motivated with fellow women who share similar fitness journeys and learn from each other’s experiences. 

For women of older ages, Go Girl Timaru offer the ever popular hydraulic exercise circut that are perfect for  low-impact workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

Go Girl Timaru offer classes and activities that promote overall health and well-being. Our hydraulic exercise circuit is the fastest way to burn fat and the easiest and safest way to build muscle! Perfect for women that want to keep fit, loose weight and join a great bunch of ladies that enjoy a work out too.

Yoga for All!

Go Girl Timaru has long been renowned for exceptional yoga instructors. Our yoga classes are for men and women. Perfect for those of us that are just starting out or have been attending for some time. Yoga for life!

Ultimately, Go Girl Timaru has something for every woman of any age and any size. 

Ask about our 3D Body Scan to measure your progress.