Body Audit Timaru with 3D scan at Go Girl Timaru

3D body audit at Go Girl Timaru

Body Composition Testing is equivalent to a body audit and a valuable tool for overall health, weight management and fitness.
Go Girl Physique is proud to provide our clients with this amazing motivational tool. Styku is a simple to use, yet powerful 3D body scanning system. Captures and views people in 3D. Extract measurements, shape, body composition and other insights relevant to the Sports, Fitness and Weight Loss industries.
How reliable are Styku’s measurements?
When measuring changes in people’s bodies over time, it’s incredibly important to have a tool that’s repeatable or in other words, consistent. A study at the University of North Dakota found Styku’s reliability was “nearly perfect” for Styku circumferences, surface areas and volumes.
Click here To find out more about the accuracy of the Styku Body Scan.

The ladies from our Warrior Goddess programme Timaru use this tool to track their progress, an effective way to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey. If you are serious about getting your body swimsuit ready for Summer 2020 but don’t know where to start? Pop over to our bookings page and get in touch with our team today.

Our recipe for successful weight loss for women in Timaru is women supporting women, achievable targets, team environment, awesome friendships and accountability.