Body Blitz results and Transformations at Go Girl Physique Timaru.

Body Blitz results have led to many positive transformations at Go Girl Physique. Now our  Body Blitz has transformed into The Warrior Goddess Program. We see transformations of our women every day here at Go Girl Timaru.

Our women’s only gym has transformed over the years too. What is now known at “The Warrior Goddess Program” has its origins in the truly successful Body Blitz Program. Our program, just like technology, has evolved too. The new initiatives we have learned about weight loss has now been implemented into the Warrior Goddess Program. The transformations of our members body can not only be seen but also measured accurately. We can pin point what exercises are required for individual body shapes.

With the introduction of the Styku 3D Body Scanner our customers can see exactly what is happening with their body shape from the work they have been putting in here at the gym and with changing their diets.

Seeing a visual representation of your body and the changes it undergoes over time is highly motivating. It can serve as a reminder of why you started your weight loss journey and help you stay committed to your goals.  A 3D body scan creates a detailed image of your body, allowing you to see areas where you may have lost or gained weight. This visual feedback can help you identify specific areas to focus on and make adjustments to your diet or exercise routine accordingly.

To see more about how the Styku 3D Body Scanner benefits weight loss, click here.

The results, as you can see – speak for themselves.

These transformations are not just limited to weight loss. Our ladies also gain personal confidence, create better eating habits, and improve their overall wellness. Talk to the team today to discuss your goals for your body.

Body Blitz results and Transformations at Go Girl Physique Timaru.