Bookings at Go Girl Physique

For support in beginning your weight loss and fitness journey with Go Girl Physique, the best plan is to book an appointment with our team today. When you have committed to an appointment, you are on your very first step for wellness.

You will be greeted by either Olivia, Carolyn or Lizelle. These ladies are the team that make up Go Girl Physique. Each one of them has bucket loads of experience in achieving weight loss and fitness goals for our members.

Together, we will work out a time and day that suit you to come in and visit. Just to confirm we are a women’s only gym, which makes it feel a lot less intimidating for many women.

Go Girl Physique is handily located right in the middle of the CBD of Timaru. 20 The Terrace. We have a members car park at the rear of the building making it easy access for you.

Need to get in touch? we would love to hear from you! Fill in the form below and we will be back in touch shortly. Alternatively, give us a call on 03 684 6007 or email info@gogirltimaru.co.nz