Choose the Warrior Goddess Program for Weightloss and Fitness

The Warrior Goddess Program at Go Girl Physique.

With over a decade of experience helping women lose weight in South Canterbury, the team at Go Girl Physique knows what it takes for women to lose weight and improve fitness.

Yes, every body is unique, which is why our Warrior Goddess Program is so effective. We talk with you and develop a personalised structured program that is tailored to your individual needs. This gives you the highest possibility of reaching your objectives.

What do you get with The Warrior Goddess Program

Health Questionnaire

Monthly 3D Scan

Goal Setting

Nutrition assessment

Nutrition Tracking

Personalized Structured Programs

3 x 45min PT Group Sessions per week

GGP Group Fitness Classes

Warrior Goddess Facebook page

Go Girl Physique App

Regular Follow Up Appointment

Accountability Matters with The Warrior Goddess Program

It is a proven fact that when clients are held accountable and can see the impact of their efforts, they work harder to improve themselves for the next follow-up. 

Technology and connectivity advancements have greatly benefited the fitness sector, and the team here at Go Girl Physique are able to offer more solutions to achieve your desired goal.

The 3D Body Scanner at Go Girl Physique

Love it or hate it – The Styku Body Scanner has revolutionized Weight Loss accountability.

A useful tool for maintaining general health, controlling weight, and maintaining fitness is the 3D Body Scan and Body Composition Scanner.

We at Go Girl Physique are thrilled to offer this incredible motivating resource to all of our clients. A powerful yet easy to use 3D body scanning device is the 3D Body scan by Styku.

This incredible tool observes and captures 3D images of individuals. Measurements, body composition, and other information pertinent to you. Seeing yourself visually from a very real perspective will give you the motivation to embark on a weight loss journey. The team here at Go Girl Physique will design you a personalised program to get you there. 

Do’nt worry we will be checking up on you just to see how far you have come. All that is required from you is to show up and implement the program.

Be your own super hero and a warrior goddess right now!