Getting back on track with fitness after being festive.

Getting back on track with fitness after being festive.

Most of us will be feeling a bit sluggish after overindulging during the Festive Season. This is a natural side effect if you have deviated from your regular exercising regime.

And that’s okay to have a break from the routine – you deserve it!

One of the best ways to break the cycle is to join our “Post Christmas 6 Week Shred” Not only will you find like-minded women feeling the same way, but you will also receive programs that have been created to ease you gently into fitness.

Our programs are not only designed for weight loss, but also to gain fitness. Research from Sport New Zealand shows that physically active Kiwis are more likely to have good mental health.

At Go Girl Phyisque we see firsthand how starting out with a little exercise (with guidance from one of our experienced instructors) motivates our members, which leads to our members feeling more confident and upbeat.

Women who do at least 2.5 hours of recreational physical activity each week have 51% higher odds of reporting good mental wellbeing.
Participation in at least 4.5 hours per week increases the odds to 65%.
Even replacing sitting time with light or moderate activity will help. The Ministry of Health has plenty of information on getting active at any age.

Don’t think of exercise as a chore.

You will discover that once you have made the decision to join with us, you will not want to miss a class or, in fact, look forward to some time away from the stresses of life and getting to focus on yourself. Find a friend or training pal to meet with so you can progress together.

Prepare for setbacks – give yourself credit for every step in the right direction. Even if you skip exercise one day, don’t give up. Just try again the next day.

Our supportive trainers understand that there are times when members do experience set backs, and we are here to get you back on your fitness journey – that’s a big part of what we do as instructors. We have a variety of tools and techniques that have proven to be most effective when other members have experienced the same hurdles.

Let the team at Go Girl Physique help you to be a fitter and healthier you in 2024.

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