Group Classes at Go Girl Physique Timaru.

One of the most enjoyable way to get in shape is to join our group fitness class.

Fun, High Energy and Pumping Music – that’s the way we like to workout at Go Girl Timaru.  Your instructor will bring the fun and the correct techniques to perform all the moves!

Switch things up a notch and join one of our classes including:


Pole Fit and Antigravity

Warrior Goddess

Group Classes at Go Girl Physique Timaru

Did you know that one of the best methods to get in shape, lose weight, develop a better body, and maintain a healthy lifestyle is through group exercise (also known as fitness classes or gym classes)?

Learn why you  are missing out on group exercise if you haven’t tried it before and how you may benefit from integrating it into your fitness regimen.

1) You have access to a certified fitness professional.

The fact that group exercise is supervised by a trained professional, may be its best feature! Attending a class is much more cost-effective than working out alone in the gym or at home because it is the closest thing to having a personal trainer, who can assist you in achieving your fitness and better body goals.

2) You get more bang for your buck!

How do we know this? We believe that taking a group workout session may motivate you to exert more effort. According to studies, people who exercise in a group setting tend to exert more effort than those who exercise alone,  because of the teacher’s encouragement from the front and their inherent competitiveness.

When there are other people completing the same activity, it is much tougher to skip the final few reps or move slowly.

3) The risk of injury is diminished

Having a qualified professional overseeing you in lessons where you lift weights or execute extremely specific postures enables you to repair poor technique.

4) It’s Super Easy

You don’t need to think about a thing because someone else is in charge of organizing the workout; just show up, adhere to the instructions, and leave. Exercise completed!

5) The participants have a sense of camaraderie

Regular attendance at lessons enables individuals to develop comradery and even friendships with classmates; they can grow to feel like a tribe to you, and it is wonderful to share the experience with others who share your interests. This is not only a nice support network but great for keeping you on the straight and narrow.

6) It gives your training a tonne of diversity.

You can find yourself repeating the same actions if you’re left to your own devices at home or in the gym. With classes, you may experiment with a variety of routines, so one day you might be dancing, the next you might be cycling, then you might be lifting weights, stretching, or even boxing!

You can target specific parts of the body or go for full-body workouts and we offer classes for every age, from 0-100 and everyone in between.

7) You don’t need to have any prior knowledge.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know your gluteus maximus from your tricep, or which exercises are best for burning fat or building muscles; just speak to the fitness team, tell them your goals, and they can tell you which classes will help you achieve them. Then, you just need to show up and follow the instructor at the front. Group exercise classes are designed by professionals to get results. Easy, huh?

8) It’s fun

Most likely, this ought to have been at the top of the list!  A group workout class is always enjoyable, unlike working out alone at home or in the gym.

Why wouldn’t it be? We compare it to a small party where there may not be cake or alcohol, but you will be burning calories practically subconsciously while having fun while listening to excellent music and releasing feel-good endorphins. Alrighty – Lets GO!