Go Girl Physique finalist for Independent Facility of the Year

Excercise New Zealand and Go Girl Ohysique

Definition:This category is for facilities that are a stand-alone business where management and system are within the facility structure with no external support from a related chain or other businesses that operate under the same/similar name.

The Go Girl Physique team is aware of how critical it is to maintain industry standards, so when we were asked to submit our facility as a contender in this year’s Excercise NZ Awards, we thought the opportunity was ideal to assess both our own facility and see how we fared against our competitors further afield than Timaru Gyms. 

Go Girl Physique has completed all of the tasks required by Excercise New Zealand over the past few months including surveys, the submission of facility statistics and evidence, the NPS Survey issued to customers, third party feedback, and mystery shopper/site inspections. 

And now we have been selected as finalists for the:

2022 Exercise NZ Awards – Independent Facility of the Year.


Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for Details as we look forward to the awards ceremony  in Auckland later this month.