gyms in Timaru

Gyms in Timaru offer a variety of different packages to attract business. Go Girl Physique is no exception. Lets look at it for what it really is and crunch the numbers.
Gyms in Timaru are C Bay, Performance Training Co. Go Girl Physique, Snap Fitness and Curves. collectively we all provide a service for approximately 3000. That’s 8% of the population.
Snap Fitness provide a `help yourself` 24 hours a day service. Excellent if you know what your doing and/or you are a shift worker. Compact, unisex, modern and a well established franchise. Memberships are priced accordingly.
Performance Training Company. This club has been around along time, It too is unisex. Some of the gym equipment is a little aged, however effective and recently under new management. A good gym for guys wanting to max it out.
Contours is a women’s only gym and does not boast a very large membership nor does it have alot of equipment, but it is a well established franchise. I think they may have a few classes. Membership options do not reflect favorably on the experience according to past members now training with us, however it seems to plug along quietly.
C-Bay, hmmmm, The Beast! Shiny sparkly with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. Les Mills classes, lots of water, a gym with state of the art equipment. Funded by us and enjoying a great honeymoon period. A really nice place with all a gym should have to offer as far as equipment is concerned. A little sterile, but that will come out in the wash.
And then there is us, Go Girl Physique, another Timaru Gym with nice modern equipment, 30+ classes a week, heaps of space over two floors. What makes us stand out? We are women only. Timaru can still sustain a women`s only club. A Timaru Gym that offers compromised service to its members. The policy is all the staff will meet you within the 1st six weeks of your journey with us. Everyone gets a personalised program to suit there personal needs. We are experts in weight loss programs and our members range from 14-78. The average age is 37. As far as Timaru gyms go, GGP prides itself in offering South Canterbury women a level of service that wont be matched, and you can thank C Bay for that. Healthy competition made us realise what most prospective members really look for in a gym and it wasn`t bells & whistles, open 24 hours, a pool, free weights or a pool, (A pool would be nice though) It was service at an affordable rate and support. Go Girl is one Timaru gym that ticks those boxes. How much? from $10. a week.