Healthy Lifestyle choose Go Girl Timaru

For a healthier lifestyle, choose Go Girl Physique.

gym close to me, Go Girl Timaru

Want to lose weight? Want to eat healthier? Want to get strong? Want to be fit?

You sound like our kinda gal!

Our women-only gym is one of the best gyms in Timaru. We say this because it’s true! Whatever level of fitness you are at you are more than welcome here. At our gym, we pride ourselves on our supportive environment, accountability, and friendship.

We have a wide range of workout sessions and a variety of classes and instructors. If you want to go hard out and become the strong woman that you have always seen yourself as, then the Warrior Goddess Programme is for you! We will work you hard and set targets and make you accountable. Check out the cool kit we embrace here to really focus on accountability such as the forever truthful 3D Scanner or the Myzone belt. You will also have our fierce instructors to answer to!

More of a social but need to work out person? Our Go Girl Classes are perfect for you! Lose weight and get healthy in the company of like-mined women. Our instructors keep you motivated throughout the whole class and also pick up any incorrect techniques.

Other opportunities you can have a go at include:

Of course, we have all the weight training gear and equipment you would come to expect in a gym like ours, however, no other gym in Timaru has a variety of fitness opportunities like Go Girl Timaru offers. Ready to check out our gym memberships?  Click here to make an appointment and let’s see where that takes us!