How to find your weight loss inspiration

  • Deciding to lose weight is usually an easy thing to do. Actually committing to losing the weight is a bit harder. One way to make your weight loss commitment easier is to find your weight loss inspiration. Being inspired leads people to do great things. Famous people throughout history became famous first by being inspired to do something. Find your weight loss inspiration and start your journey today!
    • 1 Decide why you want to lose weight. Remember, many things should contribute to why you want to lose weight. It could be to look better, be healthier, lower your blood pressure, become a more active parent, fit into a certain size, etc.
    • 2 Write down every single reason why you want to lose weight. You will probably add to the list everyday. This will help you find your weight loss inspiration.

    3  If you weighed less at one time, find pictures of yourself then. Put these pictures in places you see all the time. These can certainly be your weight loss inspiration.

  • 4 Read other peoples’ stories about their weight loss. Watch weight loss documentaries. See yourself doing what they did. This can definitely inspire you to lose weight.
  • 5 Watch documentaries on extremely obese people. These documentaries show how badly these people struggle to do everyday things. They also show how obesity contributes to deadly health problems/disorders/diseases. It could be the one thing that becomes your inspiration.
  • 6 Visit your family physician and ask questions about weight loss. Hear from your own physician how weight loss benefits your life.
  • 7 After you’ve found your weight loss inspiration, get into action! Remember that those inspired to accomplish a goal have more success at getting to that goal. You can do it!