jocelyn’s 30kg weight loss journey

Prior to the Body Blitz program, I remember walking the length of a slightly inclined street with labored breathing and always feeling fatigued. I was out of shape and had slowly gained weight over the course of 8 years. Occasionally I would sign up for a new gym, go for a month and then disappear.

My number one hurdle was always motivation. I would go to gym’s with a goal to lose weight, wouldn’t be satisfied enough with my results and move on. That’s why I like the Body Blitz program, it’s 12 weeks. The perfect amount of time it’s long enough to see great results and short enough that motivation is easily kept. I was fortunate enough to have some personal training sessions with Carolyn throughout the Blitz. She kicked my butt and that helped a lot.

Carolyn showed me that I was capable of doing things that I thought I couldn’t do especially improving my cardio. The program was really difficult some days in the beginning and I had to dig deep but it only seemed to get easier with time. I could see my fitness and strength improving and my weight decreasing and that kept me going. I completed BODY BLITZ 1 & 2 and have been done for about 3 weeks.

Eating isn’t an issue at all anymore for me, I have grown too really like eating healthy. The bonus is when I do splurge and have an ice cream it tastes 500 times better than if I ate it several times a week like I used to. I also have started to enjoy the treadmill even though in the beginning I was almost fearful of the machine and I think Carolyn would agree with this!

I would 100% recommend the Body Blitz program to anyone with a fitness goal and remember that you can start this program at ANYTIME!