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Welcome to JKA Karate Timaru

JKA karate is a martial art with a  unique refinement of the Shotokan style, one of the oldest and most traditional types of Okinawan karate. Since it descends directly from such “original” sources, it has developed from strong roots underpinned by a long history and a great tradition.

Sensei Lizelle Pelser is a JKA 6th Dan. Sensei Lizelle teaches JKA Karate at her dedicated Dojo at Go Girl Timaru. Her Karate club is a welcoming space and  is perfect for the practice of the style of Karate known throughout the world as Shokotan. Lessons are based on the ranking system and are available for all ages including Black Belt level.

Mastering Martial Arts Excellence: Unleashing Your Potential at JKA Timaru Karate. Check out more information about the origins and ethos behind JKA Timaru by clicking this link.

Kids Karate Timaru

Learned Karate for kids is strong in Timaru. Young kids’ eager minds grasp new ideas and techniques readily. Childhood is one of the best times to start on the path toward self-respect, life skills, respect for others, respect for healthy authority figures, as well as physical health, and emotional balance.

Health Benefits of Karate for young and old

As a health and fitness activity, martial art tones and shapes your body by increasing aerobic stamina, improving muscular strength and flexibility, enhancing balance, agility, and co-ordination. The sport has been around for hundreds of years with many people throughout the world benefitting from it.

Karate also improves our mental health.

As it challenges the brain, it improves focus and concentration. It also develops a person’s composure and provides a deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities. Karate has been proven to be an integral tool for an individual’s well-being.

One of the advantages of joining one of Sensei Lizelle’s Karate classes is that students may train at their own pace. Even those who have not exercised in some time can start learning and gaining from the benefits of karate.

Karate As A Way of Life

Karate promotes values to live by, including life skills, integrity, respect, courtesy, humility, loyalty, and compassion. Sensei Lizelle is a Black Belt and an excellent instructor and has been sharing her love of the sport with children and adults from a variety of backgrounds at her karate club in Timaru, South Canterbury. Sensei Lizelle also teaches at a National Level.

Karate is an individual sport. Therefore the focus is not to compete against another person or team, but rather to compete against one’s self. This ‘self-focus’ accompanied with continual improvement develops self-esteem and self-confidence amongst those who practice it.

Karate also promotes self-discipline, goal setting, and leadership. People who study karate can attain a high level of commitment and dedication to any chosen endeavor simply because of the skills and habits they develop.

To find out how to join JKA Timaru please contact Sensei Lizelle.

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