Keeping the weight off after 50.

Keeping the weight off after 50 can be a bit confronting.

Although it can be more difficult to lose weight after a person reaches 50 years of age, there are many lifestyle changes that you can make to help yourself reach and maintain a moderate weight.

By the time we ladies reach our late forties and fifties, we have already done the quick fad diets such as the cabbage soup diet, the baby food diet, or extreme fasting diets. Sure, they may have a quick fix if you are the type of person that can stick to them, but what happens when you merge back into real life and move back to a more realistic way of eating? 

Middle age is the critical turning point for changing our lifestyle for a healthier one. Not only do the benefits include weight loss, but healthy living has a positive impact on how your body performs internally, including lessening the risks of heart disease, lowering the risk of diabetes, increasing positive endorphins ( the feel good drug), and the list goes on. 

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Keeping the weight off after 50.

Get Active on a Regular Basis

The underlying principle of losing weight is burning more calories than you consume. A simple deposit and withdrawal system. As mentioned in a previous BLOG our sedentary lifestyles lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity, and poorer health in general.

Fit iver 50


Getting adequate, quality sleep is an important part of a healthy weight loss plan. Most importantly, research has shown that losing sleep while dieting can reduce the amount of weight lost and encourage overeating.

Do not skip meals

The truth is that studies have shown that skipping meals can slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain weight, not lose it.

Drink more water

According to the studies, 1–2 litres of water per day is enough to assist with weight loss, especially when consumed before meals. Drinking water can help Increase your metabolism, Can help Your Body Break Down Fat, and also Water is a natural appetite suppressant

Enjoy exercise

Find an activity that you love, whether that be walking everyday, yoga, weight training, or tennis, enjoying exercise can help keep a person engaged and make it feel less like work and more like leisure. Would also be awesome if you can buddy up with someone who shares the same goals.

Substitute bad foods

We should all know by now which foods and drinks are bad for us, including: Sugary snacks, crisps, lollies, processed foods and of course alcohol. Relying on these sugary feel good items can be replaced with substitutes such as nuts and swapping the wine for water or soda water. No doubt it is hard at the start, but then your body adjusts and those sugary goodies are a thing of the past. Opt for water or herbal teas to stay hydrated while also losing weight.

Lift weights

Strength and muscle mass are lost as we become older. This means that older persons can benefit from weightlifting and strength training to help maintain a healthy body weight. Additionally, weightlifting encourages bone strength, which can assist prevent injuries and make it simpler for someone to maintain their workout regimen.

Use fitness technology

There are many options to track your activity including a pedometer or a smartwatch where you  can track your daily steps. Tracking their steps may help a person feel more motivated as they watch their daily steps increase over time.

Step tracking can also help people calculate how many calories per day they are burning, so that they can accurately calculate their caloric needs for weight loss.

Protein is your friend

Eating more protein when trying to lose weight can help older adults lose more fat and keep more muscle mass than if they eat a lower protein diet.

Sign up as a member at a gym

Being a gym member gives you many options all in one place. Plus you will join like minded people that also see the benefits in leading a healthy lifestyle. For Example, The Warrior Goddess program at Go Girl Physique gives you the support and accountability that women find most beneficial.


Even though it may be more challenging to lose weight after the age of 50, there are several lifestyle modifications that you can undertake to assist in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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