Losing weight and gaining strength with Go Girl Physique

Waterskiing Mama

Losing weight and gaining strength with Go Girl Physique Timaru

I am delighted to say that this 53 year old woman has achieved the goal of losing weight, gaining strength to enable a lap around on water skis!!

It was the 15th of February when the switch was flicked for me. The catalyst being too overweight and unfit to get up on skis. Fast forward only 2 months and I have lost weight, gained strength and got up on those darn skis!.

To be honest it was not so much as a struggle as what I had originally thought. Knocking out my nightly vino played a big part for me personally. It was confronting at the start, however replacing this nightly beverage with a diet lemonade has had a significant impact. Drinking more water is also a big one for me.

During this time is when I joined the Warrior Goddess Classes – An absolute game changer!

Having been out of the gym for many years, I forgot that I had to indeed work up a sweat and really get the blood pumping to get the true benefits of a successful workout. Additional to this is weights – I can’t honestly remember the last time I pumped some iron ????It was obviously quite some time, I had to start with quite light weights and work my way back up again – but I got there. Did I mention planks? well we did heaps of those too – and if you don’t know what planking is, then you are in for a real treat!

With the Warrior Goddess Program a class lasts for just 45 minutes, but gosh it’s intense. The small classes are led by the most attentive and professional instructors you will come across. Really it’s like having a PT session with a group of friends.

Being in a class definitely helped me come along on the days I did. There are women of all ages and shapes and sizes that also want to get fit and feel good again – and you surely do after each class when the blood is pumping, the sweat is dripping and you know you have had a great workout.

And if that isn’t enough, the team at Go Girl Physique have this awesome tool called the 3D Body scanner. Wow does this thing tell you like it is ????. I had my first scan in week one (like everyone else on the Warrior Goddess Program) and four weeks in it was time for my second. Yay! I dropped 15cm on my waist and 2 kilos of body fat! Now seeing that kind of data does something to your mindset. You have hard cold facts that what you are doing is working!

Ready to commit to getting fit and losing that weight? Then I whole heartily suggest that you give the girls a call or even make an appointment.  The Warrior Goddess Program works!!

All the best!

Water skiing Mama x