Delicous Healthy Recipes at Go Girl Timaru

We are proud to be a women’s only gym in Timaru.

Our wonderful members wanted a go-to place where they can share their favourite weight loss recipes that are low in calories and high in taste and better still affordable.

Our recipes have been put forward by our very own members, so they have been tried, tested, and devoured! The team at  Go Girl Timaru believes that simplicity is vital when it comes to a healthier way of eating. You will enjoy creating these dishes as well as eating them.

There is so much information about food, diets and constant do’s and don’ts about what we should eat, that when it comes to simply good nutrition we are confused! These recipes take the confusion out of good cooking and get you excited about cooking a healthy nutritious meal for you and your family. 

The Breakfast Challenge with Go Girl Timaru

The following are simple meals in most cases, but with a few more high-end options thrown in. It is what it is. If it is not for you, ignore it. If it helps, great. Enjoy!