weight loss at Go Girl Physique

Woohoo! How is your summer holiday indulgent!

We, like the next person, loves to partake in yummy sumptuous Christmas food including delicious glazed ham, new potatoes dripped in butter, and of course finishing off with a good old fashion trifle, plum pudding, pavlova, Christmas cake, and a glass or two of wine, beer or even a cocktail or two. With that said – and eaten, is now the time to get back into your healthy daily regime?

 I say YES! 

And we are here to support you with your fitness and weight loss goals. At GoGirl Physique we have created a helpful “How-To Guide” on changing your mindset and saying goodbye to stretchy waistlines and SPANX

  1. NEW START      Avoid beating yourself up about overindulging over the festive season. It was great wasn’t it ? and leave it at that! Just start moving! An easy way to begin is by starting small. Take yourself off for a walk – every day. Even walking up and down the street checking out the shops and then down to the beach. We are so lucky here in Timaru where all that is possible and a couple of hills to negotiate as well for an extra workout when you are not noticing!
  1. TAKE IT EASY   It is natural for the body to relax too after a break from exercise, regardless of the intensity of your previous workouts. So, reintroduce yourself slowly back into your fitness routine to avoid injury. Give your body a good stretch before embarking on your normal fitness regime. This way you are easing your way gently back to where you started pre-Christmas! As personal trainers, we know that going slowly makes sticking to a fitness routine more likely and less stressful.
  1. GET YOUR FOOD HABITS UNDER CONTROL    Weight loss and fitness increase when good exercise is matched with a good diet. Fuel your body with the proper nutrients from the right carbs, proteins, and fats. Always remember to eat or drink something light and nutritious within 10-15 minutes of a workout to refuel your body. Eat breakfast as soon as you wake up, then every 3 to 5 hours which maximizes your metabolism, regulates and levels out your appetite to rule out unhealthy snacking.
  1. WATER WATER WATER      There are so many health benefits and water actually curbs your appetite. If you find water on its own, there are a few tricks you can take advantage of to make the drinking easier! They are called “Water drops – flavour enhancer.” They have no carbs and no sugar. I find water rather pleasant now! It is advised to drink a minimum of 2 2.5 litres of water a day!Some of the benefits include:
  • Flushing excess sodium from the body
  • Debloating
  • Activate the digestive system
  • Relieves constipation
  • Clearer Skin 

 5. HAVE A PLAN   Set yourself some attainable and realistic goals. Reduce alcohol intake and sleep more. There are many tricks and tips out there to keep you motivated. A popular one when not in the gym is the fitness apps. There are so many to choose from, make your choice on which price level suits you – even smartwatches that count your steps and or calories can be a great source of motivation. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a wee treat while still keeping up the routine. Remember, healthy habits take at least 3 weeks to form and once you have kept a tight reign on yourself for this amount of time, you will be back on track with a fitter healthier lifestyle.LISTEN TO YOUR BODY TALK

6. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY TALK : You are in charge of your body. Should your feel pain or strain then that’s the time to stop exercising immediately and consult your health professional. The worst situation would be mismanagement of your injury that may lead to more severe injury and require longer rest and recovery time, taking away from your decision to get your fitness back on track.

7. GET BACK TO THE GYM  We will be resuming regular class times at Go Girl Physique as of Monday the 10th of January. We look forward to seeing you back here with all your delicious food stories, and holiday antics.