Warrior Goddess Programme at Go Girl Timaru

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Our programme has evolved since the highly successful “Body Blitz” programmes, as it is a clear fact that when clients are accountable and can measure what difference their efforts are making – they strive harder to better themselves for the next follow up. Enhancements in technology and connectivity has really benefited the fitness industry and we are now able to offer more ways to reach your targeted goal. Be your own super hero and become a warrior goddess today!

The Warrior Goddess Program


Welcome to the home page of our Warrior Goddess Programme. Over the past months the team and gym at Go Girl Physique have been undergoing change. Changing the way we do things and evolving into a facility and social space where South Canterbury women feel supported in achieving the goals they desire for their health and wellness. We have identified that one of our most successful programs at our gym is the “Body Blitz”. We have analyzed, dissected and reformed the Body Blitz program to what we are now calling “Warrior Goddess” a celebration of what women are and want to aspire to in a  “Post Covid World.”

WARRIOR GODDESSES have been with us since Adam Met Eve. As we learn to manage our way through this very stressful pandemic, the Warrior Goddess will once again prevail and is the pillar of strength both emotionally and physically – you are the Warrior Goddess.

SERVING FROM AN EMPTY VESSEL As women, we are taking on more responsibilities, be it caring for family, maintaining a home, whilst many of us are working too. Women need to recognise that serving from an empty vessel takes its toll, and we need to recharge and refill our emotional and physical states to keep ahead of life’s challenges.

FIERCELY FUN The warrior Goddess programme is fiercely fun and you will receive relentless motivation when you feel like giving up. No excuses, this programme works! It is results driven, insanely supportive and coupled with our non-intimidating atmosphere -positive results are unavoidable.

Warrior Goddess Programme Timaru