Warrior Goddess – Spotlight on effective weight loss testimonial

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At Go Girl Physique, we love to celebrate our ladies each and every day, even for just turning up! As we all know how hard that can actually be.

The Warrior Goddess Program is changing lives for the better, step by step – day by day, or ladies are trusting the process and ARE achieving results. Delwyn is one of those ladies – please read on and see how The Warrior Goddess Program can effect change in your life too!

Delwyn Ferguson’s testimonial on how she lost a whopping 10.4kgs in just 4 weeks with the Warrior Goddess Program!


How Long have you been on the WG program?

Since April 20th  2022.

How have you found the WG?

 Really Good, I have found the support of the trainers and members have got me through my sessions. The engagement and support from both the trainers and members make you want to come back. 

What do you enjoy about coming to  Go Girl Physique?

I know the trainers will push me to keep going when I just want to give up, the trainers are friendly and helpful, the surroundings are cheerful, and the members are friendly and are all going through the something.

Why Did you start the program?

I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding, I am also going on a cruise next year to Alaska so wanted to be able to walk without struggling. For my overall health.

What have you noticed so far that has changed within yourself?

I am Preparing my meals differently from what I used to I am now planning ahead of time what I am going to eat. I am now more of a positive person I have no negative thoughts and my stress levels are now under control, I focus on myself and FEEL REAL GOOD.

What have your results been since starting?

I have lost 10.4kgs and 28.3cm in only FOUR WEEKS! I find my fitness has got better, with an active job I use to struggle working 8 hours now it is a breeze. I used to struggle walking upstairs now it’s much easier.

Would you recommend Go Girl Physique to a friend and why?

YES! Because I love the environment, the trainers are helpful, the choice of sessions as in all different times which works around my work hours. I like how they have structured the sessions and how they are all different.

Delwyn Ferguson.